Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zoya Irresistible Summer 2013

-This collection was sent for review
Happy Weekend Everyone!!  Today I have Zoya's Irresistible Collection of six metallic foils to share with you.  Zoya has released some amazing collections for summer this year, including the irresistible collection, the stunning collection, and the summer pixiedust collection. .. On to the swatches of the Irresistibles..


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Kerry as: "a full coverage yellow gold foil metallic."  Kerry is my least favorite of this collection.  She was incredibly hard for me to photograph and this color does nothing against my skintone.  The formula was excellent, though.  I used two coats.


Zoya describes Rikki as: "a full coverage fern green foil metallic."  I really like Rikki.  I like the depth and gold flecks that were added.. the gold and green are a gorgeous combo.  I used two coats of Rikki.


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Tinsley as: "a full coverage rose gold foil metallic."  Tinsley is a favorite of mine, which comes as no surprise because I'm a pink-lover.  Tinsley appears much darker in sunlight and she has a beautiful golden shimmer!  Two coats once again with Tinsley!


Zoya describes Amy as: "a full coverage, red orange foil metallic."  Ahh Amy.. You're gorgeous!  I'm really loving corals this summer and Amy doesn't disappoint!   I love the golden yellow shimmer.. it gives Amy such depth.  Perfect formula with Amy too!!  Two coats!


direct sunlight
Zoya describes Hazel as: "a full coverage blue green foil metallic."  Hazel and Rikki are very similar in formula.  They both have the same type of gold flecks.  I don't see much green in Hazel--she appears more blue.  Regardless, Hazel is pretty and I used two coats once again.


Zoya describes Bobbi as: "a full coverage, hot magenta pink foil metallic."  Bobbi is amazing!  I can't decide which one I love the most-- Bobbi or Amy??!!  I love a hot pink and add the foil shimmer and I'm in awe of this color!!  It's bright and cheery-- perfect for summer!!  Another two coater with Bobbi!!

**There you have Zoya's Irresistible Foil Metallics for summer!  They all have amazing formula.. Removal is a bit tedious as the left-over glitter flecks don't want to leave your skin around the nail.  You will have to use some extra remover for these.  Kerry is the only one I don't really care for, but that's just personal preference.  My picks from this collection are Bobbi and Amy--I just love how bright and bold they both are!!  Another great collection from Zoya!!  Yay!!

-You can purchase this entire collection here for $48 or $8 per bottle.
-Be sure to like Zoya on facebook.. the Zoya Fairies are wonderfully interactive with their fans!
Here is a link to Zoya's Instagram too!
-This collection was sent for review.


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