Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cult Nails In The Garden Collection

Hey Everyone!  I hope you're all having a great week!  I haven't purchased an entire polish collection in a while, so I decided to splurge on Cult Nails In The Garden Collection!  It was actually a great deal when they had their pre-sale: 5 polishes for $40!!

Morning Glory:

Morning Glory is a bright fuchsia.. much brighter in real life, but I couldn't capture it's true color with my camera.  The finish of Morning Glory is waxy and I almost could have gotten away with just one coat, but pictured above is two coats-- no top coat.

You're My Dandy Lion:

You're My Dandy Lion is a classic bright yellow with subtle shimmer.  The formula was great (for a yellow).  There was a little bit of streaking and clumpiness, but You're My Dandy Lion was really manageable for a yellow this pigmented.  I applied two generous coats, but added a third thin coat to even everything out.

Let's Get Dirty:

Let's Get Dirty is a pretty grey-beige with a tough of lavender and shimmer.  The finish is pretty.. it's almost matte, but not quite.  I have two coats in the above pics.  This is a great "palette cleanser polish."

Ay Poppy!:

Ay Poppy! is my absolute favorite of this collection!!  I always say: "I don't care for orange polishes", but I need to change that because I've been loving them lately.  Between this one and Zoya Thandie, I'm in love!!  This is two coats of Ay Poppy! with no top coat!  I just adore that shiny finish!!  I can picture this one on my toes A LOT this summer!!

Kiss My Rose Bush:

Kiss My Rose Bush is a "pepto pink" with the same waxy finish as Morning Glory.  This type of finish really shows the imperfections in your nails and brushstrokes seem to stand out much more.  I do like this color, though.  I have two coats in the above pics.

**I hope you all enjoyed this collection as much as I did!!  I'm a huge "flower lover", so this collection really grabbed my attention!!  You can purchase these polishes for individual sale at 


  1. Love how the yellow one looks in the sunlight

  2. I love that yellow, but the matte ones just aren't doin' for me. Lovely swatches, though :)

  3. Ohh the yellow and orange ones are very pretty.

  4. all the colors are stunning, my fave is the pink one.

  5. I love Ay Poppy! and Let's Get Dirty. I wouldn't be able to deal with the waxy finished ones. The brush strokes would bug me too much.


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