Friday, April 5, 2013

My Ten Friends.. Elsewhen and I'm From the Future

-These polishes were sent for swatch and review

Yay!!  An indie post!!  I've missed my indies sooooo much the past few weeks!!  I think my next three posts will be indies.. woo hoo!!  I was so honored when Mei-Lynn, the creator of My Ten Friends, asked me to swatch a couple of her polishes for her Spring Time Space Continuum Collection.  I've been anxiously holding on to these swatches for a while, and I just got the "go ahead" to post my review.. YAY!!  I have Elsewhen  and  I'm From the Future to share with you  and they're both stunningly beautiful..


The base of Elsewhen is a shimmery green that's just sheer enough that the various glitters pop through, but dark enough to wear on it's own in just two coats.  Most of the glitters are gold and blue, but you can see the added holo that shines beautifully in the sun!!  Mei-Lynn truly knows the right "recipes" when mixing her polishes because I wouldn't change a thing!!  Gorgeous!!

I'm From the Future:

I'm From the Future has the same semi-sheer base as Elsewhen, but this one is a gorgeous grayish silver.  I really love gray polishes, so I knew I'm From the Future would be a favorite of mine.  The glitters are turquoise, silver and HOLO!!  The holo is more prominent in this one and it's so so soooo pretty!!  Again, I used two coats followed by top coat.

**The official launch date for these two polishes (along with a pretty yellow polish called "Astrochicken") is April 17th, but a few were added to the latest sale and, as of right now, Astrochicken and Elsewhen are still available HERE on Etsy.
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--These polishes were sent for swatch and review


  1. Nice swatches as always! These are really pretty. I think I like Elsewhere a tad more.

  2. Holy CRAP!!!!!! these are amazing!!! How does one get so lucky to have nail polish GIVEN to them?!?! Sign me up girl!!!!! Lol

  3. Gosh!!! Looooove these! I ordered and just received Astrochicken today! It's BEAUTIFUL in the bottle (need to wear it). I believe I'll be ordering these two tonight! Your pics are great! Eeeek! Swoon!

  4. I just got Elsewhen and wow, is it gorgeous! Your swatches are awesome, but this is a polish that you need to see in person to fully appreciate :)
    I'm absolutely in LOVE with My Ten Friends. Mei-Lynn is the Einstein of polish making. Not only does she come up with gorgeous combinations, but they go on smooth. I'm an indie lover, and most indie polishes can be a bit rough to apply, just due to the sheer volume of glitter. But MTF polishes go on as smooth as butter. Plus they don't chip real quick either. I've been wearing Starry Night for almost a whole week, and no chips! I have a very little bit of wear on the edges of my pointer fingers, but I blame that on using my nails to open up boxes ( I know, I know; nails are jewels, not tools. Shame on me).


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