Friday, April 12, 2013

NerdLacquer Eight Gates

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Just a quick post tonight as I've been sick with a sinus infection the past two days.  :(  I was lucky enough to snag NerdLacquer Eight Gates when Ninja Polish last re-stocked.  I had been lemming this Nerd, but thought I'd never get my hands on it...I'm so glad NerdLacquers are being created once again!!

Eight Gates:

Eight Gates has a gorgeous orchid semi-sheer base that easily reaches full opacity with two generous coats.  The glitters are black and white squares, and white hex with silver shimmer.  It's such a pretty mix!  I did have to shake my bottle after painting each nail so I could grab a nice amount of glitter.  Everything was nice and smooth after top coat.  Yay that NerdLacquers are back and yay for a gorgeous polish like Eight Gates!!!


  1. Yay for posting this swatch because it is pretty. It's just the right amount of glitters on the nails :)

  2. Aww even though it's only 2 coats the glitters look like they're kind of sticking out and making the end result lumpy :( The color combo is fantastic though


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