Friday, February 15, 2013

Three new polishes from Laquerlicious

Happy Friday Everyone!  I'm back with three more polishes from Laquerlicious!!  (Yes, "Laquerlicious" with no "c" before the "q").  Michelle, the creator has three more beauties and here they are..

Garden Pansy:

Garden Pansy was a pain in the neck to photograph, but it has such a pretty purple base filled with various sizes and shapes of glitter-- I love the fuchsia squares!!  Pansies are gorgeous flowers and they're one of the first ones I can purchase because they can withstand cool weather!!  I can't wait for spring flowers and this polish is the exact purple of a pansy.  I have two coats of Garden Pansy followed by top coat in the above photos.

Pebble Stone:

Pebble Stone contains mostly black glitter in a clear base with scattered rainbow squares and hex glitter.  I love how the colored glitter subtly pops out in just the right lighting.  I chose to layer one coat of Pebble Stone over China Glaze Recycle followed by top coat.  The formula with Pebble Stone is perfect!

Bliss Blue:

Bliss Blue is a light blue crelly with indigo, green and silver glitters of various shapes.  I chose to layer one coat of Bliss Blue over The Balm- Sky Blue Right Past You followed by topcoat.  You could probably reach full opacity with Bliss Blue on it's own in three coats, but I like how this base color really makes the light blue color stand out-- it's such a pretty shade and has great formula.

**Yay!  Three more beautiful creations from Michelle at Laquerlicous!!  I first discovered Laquerlicious on Instagram.  Michelle is pretty active there.  Make sure you follow her @Creativenailchick

**Follow Laquerlicious on twitter too @Nailchickmich

**These polishes are available on Etsy!


--Laquerlicious polishes were sent for review

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