Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer

Yay, an indie post!!  I've missed my indies lately!!  I have a new-to-me brand to show you today... It's called Me.Lissa Nail Lacquer.  Here are three of Melissa's polishes..

Spring Fling:

This is two coats of Spring Fling over a white base followed by top coat.  Spring Fling is a mix of holo, pink and green hex glitter and small silver glitter in a clear base.  It has great formula with wonderful consistency...  PERFECT colors for spring!!  And, I love the touch of holo glitter that shines so  brightly when you catch it in the right lighting!!

Dew Drop By:

Dew Drop By has a blue shimmery base with blue, hot pink and lighter colors of glitter.  The hot pink glitter looks red to me and this polish is almost patriotic, although I don't think it was meant to look that way.  Glitter added to a dark base really don't seem to "come through" as  their true colors, in my opinion.  This would be a great Memorial Day polish!!  I did add a few drops of thinner to Dew Drop By also.  It's a very pretty polish. Dark Shimmers with added glitter are just sometimes hard to capture in pictures.

April Showers:

April Showers has a light pinkish purple shimmery base with blue, purple, and hot pink glitters.  I like the lighter base with April Showers.. you can see the the glitters much more clearly and I really like the color combos of pink, blue and purple.  I used two generous coats of April Showers followed by top coat in the above pictures.  Formula-wise, this one was perfect!!

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--These polishes were sent for review

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