Sunday, March 31, 2013

Orly Hope & Freedom Fest Spring 2013

Happy Easter Everyone!!  I really wanted to do some nail art for today, but I haven't had the time. I've been busy working more lately and don't have the time I want for my nails :(  

I was going back and forth about ordering Orly's Hope & Freedom Fest Collection, but ultimately decided to just get them.. lol.  The colors looked pretty interesting in pictures, so I wanted to grab all six so I could post the entire collection (Oh, I'm not digging the new bottle design at all)...

Melodious Utopia:

direct sunlight

Melodious Utopia reminds me of lemonade.  It's a pretty yellow (that looks much brighter in the sun) with a subtle shimmer.  As with most yellows, the formula wasn't that great.  It was a bit streaky and clumpy.  I used three generous coats in the above photos.

Peaceful Opposition:

Peaceful Opposition was a pleasant surprise for me.  I REALLY like it!!  It has a milky white base packed with silver glitter in squares and hexes.  The formula was great for a densely packed glitter and there is NO curling at all.  I used two coats in the above three pics... I'm loving this one!!

Elation Generation:

Elation Generation is a gorgeous watermelon pink jelly packed full of holo micro-glitter!!  Ahhh... it's amazing!!!  All three pics above are in direct sun, but my camera didn't do the holo shine justice.  For a jelly, the formula is perfection!!  (Someone on my instagram commented their formula was thick-- but mine was great).  This polish will get much use this summer!!  I can already see it on my toes while sitting by the pool!! :)

Boho Bonnet:

Boho Bonnet is a pretty slate blue.  It reminds me of Zoya Kristen.  Zoya's formula is better though.. this one was a bit thin.  I held the two bottles side-by-side and Kristen is a bit bluer.  Boho Bonnet is pretty, but I'm sure I'll grab my Zoya if I'm looking for this color.

Coachella Dweller:

direct sunlight

direct sunlight
Coachella Dweller is an apple green creme.  Actually, it looks more apple green in sunlight and mint green in natural light.  The formula wasn't the greatest with Coachella Dweller.  I used three coats and still have some streaking on my pinkie finger.

High on Hope:

High on Hope is a deep indigo (almost navy) creme with a pretty micro-chrome shimmer.  All three pics were taken in the sun, so you can really see how beautiful the shimmer is!  The shimmer isn't as noticeable indoors, but you can still see it (it looks almost goldish pink).  The formula was nice.  Only two coats were required for full opacity.

**Overall, I like the collection.  I'm usually a bigger fan of cremes, but my favorites from Orly's Hope & Freedom Fest are: High On Hope, Elation Generation and Peaceful Opposition.  Do you have any from this collection?  Which are your favorites?

--PS--  Happy Birthday to my step-son, Matt!!  :)


  1. peaceful opposition is my favorite out of looks so full of's amazing. i love the base color as well

  2. Peaceful Opposition looks awesome! Definitely my favourite out of these.

  3. I'm so glad someone feel the same way I do about the new bottles! I really don't like them. :(

    Passed up this collection before, but now I think I need Opposition in my life.

  4. I don't like the new bottles either, they look ugly to me. High on Hope is really pretty--I think I need it!

  5. These are so pretty! I'm actually okay about the new bottles, don't like them, don't hate them haha

  6. Elation Generation looks really good! (:

  7. Coachella Dweller and Boho Bonnet are so beautiful!!

  8. I just got Coachella Dweller and Melodious utopia and mine are in the old style bottles ... Is that a UK thing maybe?
    Wasn't going to get the glitters but High on Hope looks really unique

  9. Just bought High on Hope this week but haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I love it on you though.

  10. Melodius Utopia and High on Hope are my favs. Love the shimmer.


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