Monday, March 11, 2013

Elevation Polish.. Kita and Stay Behind, Catch A Wave

Hey Everyone!!  It's a new week!  Are you guys all messed up like I am after "springing ahead"?  I feel like I had like no time at all to do anything on Sunday!!  Ugh.  Oh well, at least we have an extra hour of daylight!!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought a couple Elevation Polishes.  I chose Kita and Stay Behind, Catch a Wave...

direct sunlight

Kita: "Dark charcoal color, silver shimmer, rainbow micro glitter."
Kita is such a "Me color."  I love grey polish.  It's my go-to-color (besides hot pink).  I love the formula with Kita.  I almost got away with just one coat, but added a second just out of habit then topped it off with top coat in the above pictures.  The rainbow micro glitters are amazing in the sunlight!  I'm in love with Kita!!

Stay Behind, Catch A Wave:

Stay Behind, Catch A Wave: "Slightly tinted blue base, 5 kinds of circle glitter (white, teal, and blue), iridescent hexes, micro holographic glitter in teal and green."
Hello, Beautiful Circles!!  In the above photos, I have one generous coat of Catch A Wave over OPI DS Magic followed by top coat.  I was surprised how easy this dense glitter was to apply.  I just dabbed a blob on my nail and dragged it where I wanted it without any problems.  All the glitter is silky smooth with just one coat of top coat.  I'm really loving this over DS Magic... such a pretty blue mix!!

**I'm really impressed with my first two Elevation Polishes!!  I now see what all they hype is about!!  Good stuff!!

-Elevation Polish can be purchased here on bigcartel.. Polishes are re-stocked every month on the 7th and 22nd.

Have a great week!!  <3


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