Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Aphrodite Lacquers Romes and Jules Collection

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!  After a beautiful, sunny Monday, we're under a winter storm warning here in Northeast Ohio. :(  I was so hoping winter was over-- guess not .. ugh!!  

Today I have four polishes from Aphrodite Lacquers' Romes and Jules Collection...

Wherefore Art Thou:

Pictured in the above three pictures is 3 coats of Wherefore Art Thou followed by top coat. This polish is so pretty.  It has a milky light pink cream base that's semi-transparent and contains pink and holo glitters. (I'm really digging the round magenta!)  Wherefore Art Thou has gorgeous depth and great formula!

Inauspicious Stars:

Inauspicious Stars is a white crelly containing white and pastel purple, pink and blue glitter with holo shimmer.  The glitter in Inauspicious Stars is great for those of you who love white crellys with just a hint of glitter.  The pastel glitters are so subtle and delicate AND gorgeous!!  I used three coats of Inauspicious Stars over a white cream base followed by top coat.

Violent Delights:

Violent Delights is another white crelly.  This one contains pink, purple and white glitters (although some of the glitters appear red and indigo-- which I love!!)  This has the same formula as Inauspicious Stars and I also used three coats over a white base followed by top coat.  Violent Delights has such a pretty mix of glitter!!


Misadventure is a bold blue jelly packed with blue glitters and holo shimmer.  I love how some of the glitter shines through as almost turquoise and I love the mixture of the squares and circles!!  I only used two coats of Misadventure in the above photos without top coat because it shined so beautifully on it's own!!  Love, love, love Misadventure!!!!!  I can't decide which I love more-- this one or Wherefore Art Thou???

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  1. Oh wow, Wherefore Art Thou is beautiful. This whole collection is lovely, AL really knows how to do glitter jelly polishes!

    Great swatches, love the close up detail.

  2. i adore these polishes <3 soooo spring!

  3. I like Misadventure! Cirlce AND square glitter in one polish, oh yeah!

  4. These are all gorgeous! I love the color combinations.

  5. These polishes are beautiful! Misadventure is definitely my fave xx


  6. All of these are so soft and pretty! *o* Can't stop drooling lol, lovely swatches! <3

  7. Misadventure is really pretty!


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