Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mentality- The Good, the Bad, and the Microglitters

Happy Weekend Everyone!!  I have another post of Mentality Nail Polishes today.  This one contains four polishes from their collection entitled The Good, the Bad, and the Microglitters.  I love each of these polishes.. they're simple, yet complex and they each have such an amazing formula and glitter ratio... take a look..


Cantankerous contains micro glitters in red, neon yellow, black and white.  With each of these four polishes, I chose to wear them on their own.  This is two coats followed by top coat.  I love the depth of Cantankerous!


Splenetic contains pink, blue, turquoise, white and black micro glitters.  I can barely see the pink.. can you?  I do love the combo of the blues, black and white though.  Each of these polishes would be great to wear if you're looking for colors to support your favorite sport's team.  I have two coats with top coat in the above pics.


Belligerent contains dark red, white and black micro glitter.  This one takes me back (way back lol) to my high school days because these were our colors! ;)  Again, I love the depth and the the formula.. two coats plus top coat!


direct sunlight
Caustic contains pastel blue, purple and green glitters plus white and black.  When you look at Caustic in the bottle, you mainly see just the black and white.  Once on the nail, the pastel glitters appear faintly (the purple seems to be the most noticeable).

**Mentality is running a buy 4, get one free throughout this month (March).  Also, they're offering wholesale pricing to nail techs and salons..  Check them out on bigcartel HERE!!!
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--These polishes were sent for review


  1. Sooooooooooooo yummy!!!!! I love this collection!!!

  2. Wow, from far away, these look like an amazing blend of color, and from up close, they look like intricate polka dots! ahhhh, too pretty <3

  3. I love Microglitters, these are soooo coool!

  4. those looks like variations on Floam! LOVE

  5. oh man!!! I love these! Haven't seen anything like it yet in main stream stores.

  6. I should never open your blog Jodi. My wishlist gets longer every single time!


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