Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Polishes from Mélange on Etsy

Hey Guys... Two posts in one day!!  Yay!!  I came across Mélange on Etsy and instantly fell in love with one of their polishes called Peace & Love.  I purchased that one and the girls at Melange were nice enough to send a few more for review...  Let's get started..

Peace & Love:

OK, first off... how freaking cute is that Peace Charm??  I love peace signs and flowers (I should have been a hippie).  Not only am I in love with the name and peace sign, I'm also in love with this polish.  Peace & Love has a sheer lime base with pink, red, and green hex glitter and micro blue glitter.  This one could have been worn alone with three coats, but I chose to layer two thin coats over Color Club Twiggie, followed by topcoat...  I really love Peace & Love... it's soooo "me".  :)

Burning Flame:

Burning Flame is a great Fall Glitter.  It was a bit thick, but not impossible to work with.  Maybe add a few drops of thinner if you purchase this one.  I have Burning Flame layered over Barry M Mushroom, followed by a coat of Gelous, then topcoat.  This one could easily be worn alone with no "undies".


Purp-OH-Licious is amazing!!!  It's densely packed with purple and fuchsia micro glitter in a clear base.  The shimmer with Purp-OH-Licious is so pretty.  I have two coats of Purp-OH-Licious followed by two coats of topcoat on the above pics.   Topcoat is important with this one as it makes the purple/pink shine much more brightly.  This one is Megan's (one of the creators) favorite. :)

Witches Brew:

Another cute charm... the witch on the broom is darling!!  This is Witches Brew and it's perfect for Halloween.  It contains orange hex, purple squares, and yellowish micro glitter in a clear base.  The formula with Witches Brew is perfect.  I have two coats layered over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green With Envy. Witches Brew is so off your favorite base for a great Halloween Mani with this one :)


Finally we have Jellybean. (and, yes, I'm trying to find a new watermark font :).  Jellybean's base is a sheer mint color.  It's not quite a jelly, but with topcoat it appears jelly-like.  I love the color combo in Jellybean.. aqua, indigo, yellow, red and purple hex with just a touch of small white bar glitter.  Pictured above is two coats with topcoat.

**I really love Melange Polishes!  They're all unique with great formula.  The little charms added to some of them are such a cute touch.  I guess my only complaint is the name of each polish isn't on the bottle.. I had to  glance at the shop to remind myself what each one was called... but that's really not a big deal.  With all the Indie Shops that are popping up lately, Melange really stands out as something a "little different".  Two thumbs up to Melange!!  The owners of Melange are Megan and Caitlin... I just found out Caitlin is Megan's 9 year-old daughter who comes up with most of their polish ideas... isn't that so cute???  :)

**Check out all the gorgeous Melange Polishes here on Etsy!**

--All polishes except Peace & Love were sent for review


  1. I really like these polishes!! You sold me on them with your gorgeous presentation. Thank you!!

  2. the witch's brew one looks really neat!


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