Monday, September 17, 2012

F4 Polish Pink Penquin

This post is gonna be short and sweet.  I've been sick with a stomach virus for two days now and haven't even felt well enough to paint my nails... ugh.  Anyway, I grabbed these pics out of the archives of F4 Polish Pink Penquin.  I'm so glad I had a few swatches I hadn't posted yet... they come in handy for times like this. Hopefully in the morning I'll feel up to swatching again

F4 Polish Pink Penquin:

Pink Penquin (why is this spelled with a "q"??) is another fun black and white ... add the pink and I was totally sold.  In the above pics I have one coat of Pink Penquin over Zoya Dove.  Most F4 polishes are one coaters as they are packed dense with glitter...

See you soon with some new swatches and hopefully a settled stomach!! 


  1. Pink Penquin is fab, love it!! So glad you did this post and hope you are feeling better soon x

  2. This is so nice and so me, I need to have it! Get well soon!

  3. Nice :) little pink for me but its still nice.

  4. Love the base you chose for this!

  5. Such a pretty glitter polish love your color combo

  6. Pink Penquin was the first indie polish I ever bought, and I still love it! Feel better soon :)


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