Friday, September 7, 2012

A few polishes from Silly Lily on Etsy

Happy Friday Kids!!  This week has flown by!!  Yay for the weekend!!  Today I have three polishes from SillyLilyPolish on Etsy to share with you.  Silly Lily's store is pretty new, so I think you should check it out!!  I love the name also-- "Lily" was my grandma's name (and my future niece's name-- if it's a girl) :)

Silly Lily Polish Cutesy:

Hello Gorgeous Topcoat!!  Of course I love this one because pink + black is my favorite combo.  Cutesy contains micro holo glitter, silver and white square glitter and pink butterfly glitter in a clear base.  I paired this with black (obviously) and I love the combo!  The formula is wonderful!!  Pictured above is two coats of Cutesy over Bettina Onix followed by a fast-dry topcoat. Gorgeous!!

Silly Lily Polish Lullaby:

Lullaby is a very pretty glitter topper made up of of teal glitter--small bars, hex, and random diamond.  I wanted to layer this over something different so I picked a light violet base-- SpaRitual Lucid. Lily has Lullaby layered over a shimmery gold base here and I think that's a beautiful combo too!!  Again, no problems with application.  Pictured above is two coats of Lullaby followed by a fast-dry topcoat.

Silly Lily Polish What a Vamp:

What a Vamp has a magenta jelly base.  I like to wear jelly bases on their own with no "undies".  The concept of What a Vamp is great, but it's just hard to see the dark glitter with a dark base.  Layered over black, this would look great, but I think that takes away from the colored jelly base.  Anyway, I really like What a Vamp... maybe I'll try it over black next time.  It's definitely a great Halloween color!  When applying, you should "dab" What a Vamp... you kinda have to push the glitters around to get them where you want them.  Pictured above is three coats of What a Vamp followed by a fast-dry topcoat.

**Show Lily some love and check out all her polishes here on Etsy.  I have my eye on Send in the Clowns next!!!

-- Silly Lily Polishes were sent to me for review


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