Monday, October 7, 2013

The Polish Bar Fall 2013

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Happy New Week everyone... I hope your Monday is a great one!!  My birthday was Saturday, so I hated to see the weekend come to an end, but here we are.. another Monday.. sigh..

I have four polishes from The Polish Bar's Fall Collection to show you all today.  I really love any polish from The Polish Bar.  They're all made with genuine care and great customer service from their creator, Janice!!

Cosmic Glow:
direct sun

direct sun

Cosmic Glow is a subtle lavender-pink holo.  This is such a dainty, girly polish.  It reminds me of a princess. :)  I used three thin coats for a nice even finish.  The holo effect looks like rainbow sprinkles.  :)  Gorgeous!

Lucky Jade:
direct sun

direct sun

Lucky Jade is so gorgeous.  The holo effect is a bit more prominent with this one.  The base color is a beautiful minty green.  I used two generous coats of Lucky Jade in the above three pictures.

Sunset Beach:

Sunset Beach is a milky white crelly that contains tiny turquoise sprinkles, peach and pink hex and dots.  I applied two coats of a white creme polish, then added two thin coats of Sunset Beach followed by top coat.  The white cream base really makes milky crellies pop a bit more.

Candy Sprinkles:

I reallllly like Candy Sprinkles!!!!  It's another white milky crelly with the same formula as Sunset Beach, except this one contains lavender daisies, dark pink hearts, and light blue stars.  There are also lime green, purple and light blue hex glitters in Candy Sprinkles.  Give this one a good shake or maybe try to store it upside down the night before you apply it so the glitters mix well.  Once again, I applied this over a white cream followed by top coat. This is such a fun polish!!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love your swatches. I so agree about the princess description for the first one. It's so cute! I have yet to order any polishes from this brand but that is going to change soon.

  2. I couldn't resist, got all the holos in this collection...except for Cosmic Glow, I guess it is out of stock. But I was more into the purple Far Far Away and the green and blue as I don't have a green holo that shade.

  3. Holy! I need those holos ... :O

  4. I want them ALL!,



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