Monday, October 21, 2013

My Ten Friends Halloween 2013

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Hey Everyone!!  Happy New Week!!  October is winding down, so I'll be sharing some Halloween Collections with you this week..  The first one up is "In Space, No One Can Hear You Scre-" by My Ten Friends.

Photo courtesy of My Ten Friends
Vampire Planet:

Mei-Lynn at My Ten Friends describes Vampire Planet as a "bloodied pink raspberry polish with flashes of delicious purple."  This one also contains larger black hex glitter and scattered holo glitter.  I really love the base color of Vampire Planet.. it's such a gorgeous pink.  In the above three photos I used two generous coats plus a thick coat of top coat.  The formula was a bit thick, but Mei-Lynn is already aware of this and is working on thinning out further batches of Vampire Planet.

Alien Blood:

I'm in love with Alien Blood!!!  The base is a "murky green", but it's still so beautiful and I just love the green and black glitters scattered about!!  The lime squares are my favorite!!  What gorgeous color combos!!!  I again applied two coats followed by topcoat.

Galaxy of Terror:

Galaxy of Terror is: "galactic black nail polish super charged with loads of silver and holo glitters."  I love the red glitters too, especially the random red hexes!!  I really like this polish because the base is transparent enough to allow all the amazing glitter to shine through!!  The formula was great with this one too!!  Two coats with topcoat!!


Mei-Lynn also sent me a bottle of the re-formulated 42 to review. (This is not part of the Halloween Collection.)  This polish has a gorgeous light blue base with blues, greens and holo gold glitter scattered about!!  Another two coater!!  Love this one also!!

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-These polishes were sent for review

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