Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Zoya Cashmeres Fall 2013

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Hey Everyone!  I'm back with six gorgeous cremes from Zoya...The Cashmeres for fall 2013!  A cream finish is my favorite and I'm always happy to see that Zoya releases new ones frequently!  Here are the six newest...


Zoya describes Flynn as: "a camel brown nude creme."  I really like Flynn.  She's about the same color as my skin right now since I have a slight tan.  I wouldn't consider Flynn a true nude.. she's more like a light brown ("camel" is a great way to describe her).  I used two coats of Flynn in the above pics.


Zoya describes Louise as: "a chocolate brown creme."  Louise is much darker in low light and more of a true chocolate brown in sunlight.  I'm in love with Louise!  I've been waiting for a dark brown creme for a long time and Louise is amazing!!  She has perfect formula and a shiny finish!  I used two coats.


Zoya describes Livingston as: "a fall red creme."  A girl can never have enough red polish and Livingston is truly gorgeous!  She meshes nicely with my skintone with her "cool" finish.  I love how shiny Livingston is also.  Once again I used two coats.


Zoya describes Pepper as: "a brick red creme."  Pepper is pretty.. I've been noticing brick reds a lot this season.  I'm not a huge fan of this color on me, but the formula is fantastic once again!  Another two-coater.


Zoya describes Hunter as: "a dark sea green creme."  I'm not sure why they just didn't describe her as "a hunter green." lol.  Hunter is one of those polishes that doesn't look too exciting in the bottle, but once on your nails... BAM- gorgeous!!  The finish of Hunter is so amazing.. creamy and shiny at the same time!!  I'm usually not a fan of greens, but Hunter really won me over.  Pictured in the above three pics is three coats.


Zoya describes Sailor as: "a dark navy creme."  Sailor really isn't that dark.  In direct sun, she's almost a dark cornflower blue and in natural light, she's a dusty navy, not a true navy.  Regardless, the color is really pretty!!  I used two coats of Sailor.

**You can purchase The Cashmeres from Zoya now on zoya.com for $8 each.
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  1. Such gorgeous swatches! Fall collections generally make me sad because I'm a summer girl at heart but I actually quite like these. You're nails are so pretty!! :)


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