Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The ColorPOP Collection from GlitterDaze!!

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Hey Everyone!!  I'm back with a summer collection.. yay for summer!!  I don't want it to end and this collection is full of gorgeous neon glitter toppers, crellys, and a beautiful holo!!  It's the ColorPOP Collection from GlitterDaze!! (PICTURE HEAVY)

My Private Paradise:

This is one generous coat of My Private Paradise over Precision Enlightenment followed by top coat.  I like this pairing of pink, orange, black and purple glitters over yellow.  My Private Paradise was inspired by tropical sunsets.. it's so pretty!

Neon Wasted:

Pictured above is one generous coat of Neon Wasted over Precision On Cloud 9 followed by top coat.  Neon Wasted contains various colors of neon glitter along with black and white glitter in a clear base.  This glitter topper is so versatile, I couldn't decide what color to wear as a base.. love it!!

Summer Sprinkles:

Summer Sprinkles is densely packed with various smaller neon glitter and black & white glitter.  I chose to layer this one over Precision Blissful Abyss.  I used one generous coat followed by top coat in the above three photos.

A Boardwalk to Remember:

A Boardwalk to Remember is my personal favorite from this collection!!  It contains pink, purple and blue glitters that remind me of crepe paper.  I chose to layer one generous coat of A Boardwalk to Remember over Precision Walking on Air followed by top coat.

Life is But A Breeze:

Life is But a Breeze contains neon blue, yellow and pink hex glitters plus white glitters in circles, bars and stars.. all in a clear base.  I used one coat of Life is But a Breeze over SpaRitual Energy.

Icecream For Summer:

Icecream For Summer has a gorgeous pink crelly base packed full of neon micro glitter and white shimmer.  I used two coats followed by top coat in the above three pics.  I really like this one, too.. must be that gorgeous pink base!! ;)

Star So Bright:

Star So Bright contains more neon glitters in orange, pink, yellow and green.  It also contains black hex and star glitter in a clear base.  I layered one coat of Star So Bright over Essie Boom Boom Room followed by top coat.  This one is a favorite of mine too!! I love how "in your face" bright it is!!

Lei it On Me:

Lei it On Me contains a milky white base with neon pink, orange, yellow and purple hex glitters in various sizes.  I love the color combo and the crelly base has such perfect formula! I used two coats of Lei it On Me in the above pics.

Jetsetter Lifestyle:
direct sunlight


direct sunlight

Hello Beautiful Holo!!!  Jetsetter Lifestyle has a gorgeous cloudy blue base, a subtle pink shimmer, and a linear holographic finish.  This polish is so amazingly beautiful!! I used two coats.

Pucker Up, Sunshine:

Finally, we have Pucker Up, Sunshine.. Pink, yellow, and orange neon hex glitter in various sizes all in a clear base.  I chose to layer this over a white base to show off the pretty mix of colors.  I love the random larger hex glitters in Pucker Up, Sunshine!!

**The ColorPop Collection from GlitterDaze is such a fun, bright collection and the glitters and formulas in each polish are perfect!!  This entire collection is available now here at glitterdazenp.com.
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  1. This collection looks exciting but let it on me has to be my favourite one. It's colourful and soft at the same time :)

  2. I am absolutely loving the shatter glitter and confetti glitter trend. I can't get enough!

  3. Your nails are so perfect and gorgeous. I'm loving Jetsetter Lifestyle and Pucker Up Sunshine!


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