Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013

- Press Sample
Hi again Everyone!  Long time, no see ;)  I'm back with a post of 6 beautiful polishes from Zoya!!  This post is all about the Fall 2013 PixieDust Collection!!   Each polish has a matte finish and is textured & sparkly!!  

Zoya Tomoko:

Zoya describes Tomoko as: "A romantic champagne silver."  Tomoko is a beautiful champagne color, but it leans more goldish in my opinion.  This is my least favorite of this bunch, but that's only because I'm not a fan of this color on me.  Formula-wise, Tomoko is wonderful!  Full opacity was reached with two coats.

Zoya Chita:

Zoya describes Chita as: "a forest green."  This polish is amazing!!  The pigmentation is super deep and the texture seems grittier than the others (which I love)!!  I almost could have worn one coat, but I used two in the above photos!!  Love Chita!!

Zoya Arabella:

Zoya describes Arabella as: "a rich fuchsia pink."  I think this one is my personal favorite, although I'm really loving most of them!!  Arabella has such a "fresh berry" color and a gorgeous finish!  Again, I used two coats.

Zoya Sunshine:

Zoya describes Sunshine as: "a "Van Gogh" navy blue."  Eh, I kinda disagree with that description.. Sunshine is more of a rich periwinkle in my opinion.  Regardless of the color description, Sunshine is beautiful!!  I'm super impressed with the fantastic formulas in this collection.  Again, a two-coater.

Zoya Carter:

Zoya describes Carter as: "a royal purple."  Carter has so much going on than just "purple."  The pink shimmer really makes Carter so unique from the rest of this collection.  The formula with Carter is sheer, but buildable.  I used three coats in the above pics.  Carter is stunning!!!

Zoya Dhara:

Zoya describes Dhara as: "a fiery orange copper."  Dhara is another beauty!!  With the first coat, I can see hints of red, so it's almost a coral.. but after the second coat, the golden copper flecks really take over and shine!!  For having a matte finish, Dhara is really bright!!

PixieDust Application:
For BEST RESULTS apply 1-3 (for full coverage) thin coats of polish. Allow product to dry completely for full effect. No base coat and top coat required. Zoya Get Even base coat can be used if desired.

Zoya PixieDust polishes are $9 each and are available on  Be sure to like Zoya on Facebook.
-These polishes were sent for review


  1. You have the most beautiful nails and photographs! I love this collection, the blue and purple are going on my wishlist. :D


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