Thursday, July 18, 2013

A few more from Wonder Beauty Products

-Press sample
Hey Everyone!  I'm back again with more indie polish!!  Today's post is all about Wonder Beauty Products!!  You can see my previous posts on Wonder Beauty here and here.  I really like this brand and the creator, Jen, is such a doll to work with!  On to the photos..

Katie Girl:

The name of this polish is so great (Katie Girl).  My best friend from Junior High School is "Katie" and my step-daughter is "Catie"  :)  Katie Girl has a creamy crelly base with the perfect ratio of blue, black & purple glitter and holo shimmer mixed in.  I used three coats followed by top coat in the above pics.

Party Popper:

Party Popper has the same fantastic formula as Katie Girl.  It's a crelly loaded with rainbow glitter!  It's such a fun polish, and, again.. it has a perfect glitter ratio.. just the right amount without being a total glitter-bomb!  I really like this one too!!

Dirty Girly:

Dirty Girly is "matte black and pink grunge glam."  I LOVE this polish!!  I love blacks/dark polishes and add the matte effect= gorgeous!!  This polish is so versatile also!!  I wore Dirty Girly for a day without top coat, then added top coat to "dress it up."  Pictured above is two coats without top coat.. (Scroll down for pics WITH top coat)

Dirty Girly WITH top coat

Dirty Girly WITH top coat

Dirty Girly WITH top coat
Ahhhhh... I love Dirty Girly even more with top coat!!  This polish is so "me."  Look at the beautiful pink glitter.. love it!  This one's going in my "favorites" drawer!!  :)

Smutty Mermaid:

Smutty Mermaid is "matte black, green and blue grunge glam."  I like Smutty Mermaid (chuckle at that name lol).  I don't like it as much as Dirty Girly, but that's just my personal preference.  I did use three coats of this one instead of two and it looks a little clumpy, but I think I wasn't patient enough to allow the previous coats to dry and I kinda messed up application.. sorry.  Make sure you allow each coat of these matte polishes to completely dry before adding the next.

Smutty Mermaid- WITH top coat

Smutty Mermaid- WITH top coat
Loving this one with top coat!!  The glitters in Smutty Mermaid really pop and shine with top coat!!  Good Stuff!! :)

*Wonder Beauty Products have these new geometric bottles that I really like!  They're so cute and unique!  Yes, it was kinda wonky holding them for the pics, but I think I did OK ;)  

**Here are some useful links for Wonder Beauty Products:
-Purchase polishes here on Etsy.
-Like Wonder Beauty on Facebook here.
-These polishes were sent for review


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