Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zoya Satins for Fall 2013

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Hey Guys!!  Here are six more gorgeous polishes for fall from ZOYA!!  These six belong to the new Satins Collection which are beautiful metallics!!  Let's take a look:


direct sun

Zoya describes Mason as: "an exciting red violet or "Fandango Pink" metallic".  Mason is extremely mesmerizing!  It has such depth and a striking blue shimmer.  It's great for someone who's a pink or red lover (like myself).  Love Mason!  Pictured above is two coats.

Maria Luisa over Mason:

Zoya describes Maria Luisa as: "a gold cellophane accent topper."  Maria Luisa will dress up any polish with it's gorgeous gold flakes.  I really like it over Mason.  I used one generous coat of Maria Luisa followed by top coat.


Zoya describes Giovanna as: "a stunning emerald green metallic."  Emerald is the "IT color" right now, as we all know.. lol.  I almost said Mason was my favorite from this collection, but Giovanna just barely wins.  This color is amazing!  I'm wearing her on my toes now and I can't stop looking at them.  Step out of your comfort zone and try a beautiful emerald like Giovanna.  This one is a tad sheer, so I used three coats.

Maria Luisa over Giovanna:

I wanted to show you Maria Luisa over a couple different colors.  I like her over Giovanna.  Again, I used one generous coat followed by top coat.


Zoya describes Neve as: "a sapphire blue metallic."  Ah, Neve is the perfect color for September. (Sapphire is September's birthstone).  This blue is so rich and shiny.. another gorgeous color from the Satins!!  The formula is perfect.. I used two coats of Neve.


direct sun

Zoya describes Channing as: "a rusty or coppery red metallic."  I just posted Channing on my Instagram and had to admit that even though I'm not a huge fan of coppers, I really like Channing.  I think it's the strong red tones that make Channing different from other coppers, although she looks more orange in sunlight.  Channing is a chameleon and I really like her!  I used two coats.


direct sun
Zoya describes Claudine as: "a striking dark meteorite gray metallic."  I just love gray metallics, so Claudine is easily another favorite for me.  I kinda wish she had a bit more depth like Mason with maybe turquoise specks or something, but she's gorgeous nonetheless.  I used two coats of Claudine in the above pics.

**Zoya Satins are currently available HERE for $8 each.**
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  1. I am so happy to see your swatches! I just picked up all of these today at ULTA and got them all for 20% off with an ULTA coupon. I loved the pretty glittery orange gold Maria Luisa and I am glad to see it swatched as I was wondering how it looked. Your pics are right on time!

    1. Yay!! Glad I could help! I love this collection!!

  2. I love Giovanna, definitely will be getting that one!


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