Friday, June 7, 2013

Four More From Aphrodite Lacquers

-These polishes were sent for review
Happy Friday Everyone!!  I have some gorgeous indies to show you today!  They're all pinks!!  Yay!!  Aphrodite Lacquers  has two new collections right now.. one is called "Pink is the New Black" and the other is "Demure's Little Sisters".  The first three colors I'm posting are from "Pink is the New Black", and the last is from "Demure's Little Sisters."


Contrary has violet & pink shimmer and black, white and hot pink glitters in various shapes and sizes all in a clear base.  I layered two coats of Contrary over Zoya Dove followed by top coat.. I love this combo!!


Mellow is such a pretty baby pink crelly with light pink flower glitter, hot pink glitter, and black and white hex glitter.  I used three coats of Mellow in the above picks.  I did have to "fish" a bit for the flower glitter, but nothing too bad.  Be sure to allow each coat to dry before applying the next.. this holds true for all "crellies."


 has a bright, bold shimmery pink base packed with pink, white, black and holo glitters.  I just LOVE the base color of this polish and the holo glitters really shine through!  Pictured above is three coats of Flirty.


Bashful is my favorite of the four polishes I'm sharing today!! It contains pink and white hex glitter with beautiful pink and silver dense shimmer in a clear base.  I love Bashful because it's so versatile!  You can layer it over just about any color.  I chose to layer one generous coat over Lex Cosmetics Sassy Pants (which is my FAVORITE hot pink creme!).  I love this combo!!

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-These polishes were sent for review


  1. Mellow looks gorgeous! I think this collection would be great for Valentines, the colours sure suit it :)

  2. Love your swatches but I seem to have major application problems with Aphrodite Lacquers in general. How much fishing and dabbing did you have to do for Contrary or Bashful? I'm thinking those two are basically glitter toppers...? I love them, but I'm worried I'd have a million layers on my nails because of all the dabbing. I *love* Mellow but I can't do her crellies. sigh...

    1. Hi-- I had absolutely no application problems with Contrary or Bashful-- I didn't have to fish or dab. Yes, they are both toppers... I'm pretty sure that's what Rebecca (the maker) intended. I love Mellow, just had to fish a little for the flowers...In fact, Bashful has an excellent formula and is one of my faves.. Don't give up on Aphrodite Lacquers! :) Thanks


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